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I started off with film photography in high school, developing my own film for two years in advanced classes. I continued shooting with an "old school" digital camera, playing around with friends modeling, scenic photography including Yosemite, then moved on to shooting family portraits. I bought my first Nikon D3000 that allowed me to do my first small wedding. I continued doing family portraits to learn more about mastering light manipulation and posing people. When I realized the quality of  my camera was very mediocre and saved up for my Nikon D610. I have now shot dozens of weddings and events including Quinceanetas.

Over the course of 12 years  Ashley Rae went from film photography, developing her own images for two years. She continued teaching herself composition, and lighting with friends, and scenic photography. When she bought her first Nikon she started shooting family portraits as a side job. She then jumped into weddings with her Nikon D610 and has shot dozens of weddings and events such as Quinceanetas and vow renewals. Newborn photography also sparks that creative side that she loves!

What I love about my job?I absolutely LOVE when someone looks at my work and is shocked at how different the image looks from what they were expecting. I know that I see the world in front of me in a more emotional way than most. Most clients expect that the photos will portray something close to what they were seeing that day. But then they see themselves in my images and they say, "WOW, I love these!" The surprise on their faces and in their voice energizes me to continue pushing the limits with angels and lighting.

We absolutely love shooting weddings! Ashley Rae feels free to run around and catch the true mood and actions of the event. She is a true journalist. Its what truly sparks her creativity and motivation.