• - Ashley Rae

"Oh my gosh! Look at my double chin!"... "Oh man! look at my moms hair! haha!" I can't believe he fell!"

THESE are the BEST photos because... They. Are. Real.

Face it. Life goes on, the party eventually ends, and the honeymoon phase...is just a phase.

So who cares about the candid photos? After all, you hired the photographer to get beautiful, picture perfect portraits to frame, and show off in your home. Right?

Wrong! Your future children ( and/or current) care about those candids.

Your future grandchildren care about those candids.

Your elderly parents and/or grandparents care.

Your future son/daughter in law cares about those candids.

And what about your great GREAT grandchildren?!

When you pass away and all there is are memories of you and your loved one left, how do you want to be remembered? Posed and positioned? Or real? You want them to see what you looked like when you were laughing so hard you snorted. You want them to know what you looked like when you were embarrassed because you almost tripped and fell on the dance floor, and what you looked like when you rolled your eyes at a family member being their usual annoying self. What about what great great great grandma looked like trying to put her dentures back in!

These candids are what spark that conversation with your descendants, that give a back story. Kids will point and ask...who is that? Why are they laughing so hard? Why are they mad? Why are they covering their face? In Laws will ask whose side of the family is THAT crazy lady on?

Answering these questions will then start to paint a picture about what the family was like before them. About what the personalities, and the dynamics were really like. Kids LOVE this kind of stuff. It helps shape who they are and where they come from. In laws learn a ton about who they married and their background. It makes them feel closer and more apart of his/her new family.

So while I will use my experience to pose you, and catch your best side, I will also focus a lot of my energy hanging around the background, unnoticed, catching the moments you didn't think you would even cherish, until you see them...

^ Behind the Cake! ^ You make me laugh! ^Got my Mojo Back!

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  • - Ashley Rae

"Visual Eyes creates a unique and creative experience with photography. The value is exceptional to top off the work quality and responsiveness in getting your photos to you. Visual Eyes is willing to work on the place, around your schedule and provide exceptional ideas on different poses. My family highly recommends Visual Eyes Photography by Ashley Rae and we look forward to using her many times for the future."- Sam L.

"Ashley Rea was amazing working with my very large family. She brought out the best in everyone and our pictures came out beautifully!!!" - Jessica B.

"I love these photos! I cannot wait for you to do my wedding photos!" Cierra H.

" Very comfortable to work with." Maria R.

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I started off with film photography in high school, developing my own film for two years in advanced classes. I continued shooting with an "old school" digital camera, playing around with friends modeling, scenic photography including Yosemite, then moved on to shooting family portraits. I bought my first Nikon D3000 that allowed me to do my first small wedding. I continued doing family portraits to learn more about mastering light manipulation and posing people. When I realized the quality of  my camera was very mediocre and saved up for my Nikon D610. I have now shot dozens of weddings and events including Quinceanetas.

Over the course of 12 years  Ashley Rae went from film photography, developing her own images for two years. She continued teaching herself composition, and lighting with friends, and scenic photography. When she bought her first Nikon she started shooting family portraits as a side job. She then jumped into weddings with her Nikon D610 and has shot dozens of weddings and events such as Quinceanetas and vow renewals. Newborn photography also sparks that creative side that she loves!

What I love about my job?I absolutely LOVE when someone looks at my work and is shocked at how different the image looks from what they were expecting. I know that I see the world in front of me in a more emotional way than most. Most clients expect that the photos will portray something close to what they were seeing that day. But then they see themselves in my images and they say, "WOW, I love these!" The surprise on their faces and in their voice energizes me to continue pushing the limits with angels and lighting.

We absolutely love shooting weddings! Ashley Rae feels free to run around and catch the true mood and actions of the event. She is a true journalist. Its what truly sparks her creativity and motivation.