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About Us...

A great wedding photographer must also be a photo journalist... And Ashley Rae is exactly that! 

Photo journalism has been a passion of hers since she was 14.

 Her own experience of modeling on the other end of the camera gives her a huge advantage when it comes to posing her clients. She knows how to capture brides in a way that makes them look as elegant as they feel. She also understands that men need just the opposite stance of woman. She knows how to show off their most masculine/handsome side. 

She feels the candid's are so important to the family and the Bride & Groom. Why?

As the main attraction at the party, how much can you possibly  pay much attention to?  You're busy enjoying your day with your new spouse! Saying hello, and thank you to every single person. Trying to cram 100 little conversations into the day so no one feels unappreciated, etc...So when you get to sit down and look at what we have documented, you will truly feel like you're are being filled in on everything you missed. We add a creative touch to even the most boring action. Ashley Rae's ability to tell stories with her images and manipulate light to enhance the mood in the room is exceptional! You can just feel the emotion you worked so hard to create on that special day. 


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