The Photographer... Ashley Rae

   Congratulations on your engagement! 


VisualEyes Photography offers Wedding Photography AND, a lovely 3 nights stay in our  Honeymoon Bed & Breakfast!


Why choose VisualEyes Photography?


Because a great wedding photographer must also be a photo journalist... And Ashley Rae is exactly that!  Photo journalism has been a passion of hers for 14 years! 


After ten years of marriage, & counseling other couples in a Marriage group Called "Love and Respect"by Dr. Emerson Eggriches, she found her passion!


She takes her two greatest passions very seriously & is now an amazing wedding photographer, eager to capture the celebration of your commitment to one another. 

Her niche is a documentary style photographing, therefore she feels that candid's are so important to capture, for the family and the Bride & Groom. These are the photos  in the wedding album that will have your children, grandchildren, and in laws asking all the fun questions.

Her creative touch in manipulating light makes even the most boring actions beautiful and full of character. You can just feel the emotion you worked so hard to create on your wedding day. This makes her ability to tell the story & enhance the mood so important! 

We can't wait to hear from you and start collaborating!